Hardware OEM

Asset Cellutions manufacturers Android-based smartphones and tablets for customers around the world. We are meticulous with the entire process to produce quality and certified devices you can count on right out of the box. And, because we create every design from scratch, we can produce custom devices that fit your needs, both in hardware and software. Please reach out to websales@assetcellutions and we’d be pleased to answer your questions and get started on your project.


Say Help

Personal security, all on your device.

Have you ever had a need for emergency services and dialed 911? Unfortunately, some that need fire, police, or ambulatory assistance simply cannot get to their phone to call. Asset Cellutions has a proprietary, patented, voice-activated for any smartphone that may help when you can’t reach your device to call or text for help. It just may save you or a loved one’s life. “Stay Safe, Say Help”


Red Morph

Device Privacy and Security

Asset Cellutions is proud to offer Red Morph software in our devices. This powerful application provides maximum privacy and security while you are using your mobile device. Some key privacy features protect you from user manipulation, secretive screenings, unfair rejections, ongoing surveillance, and cyber espionage. Red Morph also provides security and protection from malicious apps, ransom threats, real-time user surveillance, and illegal participation in cyber warfare.