Core Values


With a strong moral compass our company is led by ethical leadership, honesty, employee appreciation and customer transparency.


We are constantly evaluating new technologies, software, and industry trends. Our interest is in providing unique and effective functionality to all our devices.


Giving back to our local and larger communities is a pinnacle attribute for employee satisfaction and helping those in need. We are committed to civic initiatives that fulfill this responsibility.


Both professionally and personally, inspiring our associates to be their best while providing autonomy for their imagination, is a vital pillar to our growth.

Mission Statement

To help connect the world by producing high-quality,
mobile devices that support personal safety and user privacy.


Moe Salgaonkar CEO

Mr. Salgaonkar, a 20-year veteran of the telecom industry, serves as CEO of Asset Cellutions. He is responsible for the company’s business planning and revenue growth in the telecom industry. Under his leadership, Asset Cellutions has expanded into a diverse, technology company with divisions including OEM, distribution, technology and asset remarketing. Mr. Salgaonkar lives in Katy, Texas with his wife and daughter.

Steve Kreiger COO

Mr. Kreiger, a 15-year member of the wireless industry, serves as COO for the company. He is responsible for corporate structuring, governance, strategy development, execution and OEM processes. His experience assists in providing clear direction for the expanding portfolio of assets, in the organization. Mr. Kreiger lives in Indiana, with his wife and two daughters.

Robb Hicks CFO

Mr. Hicks serves as chief financial officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asset Cellutions. He is responsible for the company’s global finance organization, including financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, treasury and risk management, financial operations, accounting and reporting, internal audit, tax, and global business processes. Mr. Hicks resides in Buffalo, Wyoming, with his wife, Jen and children, Claire, Aidan and Frances.


    What we do?

    Handset & Tablet Manufacturing

    Cellutions high quality, Android devices are designed and manufactured to work on all carrier networks. From custom hardware designs to enhanced security features, we have a solution for you.

    Hardware OEM

    Asset Cellutions manufactures Android-based hardware for customers around the world. We are meticulous with the entire process to produce quality and certified devices you can count on right out of the box. And because we create every design from scratch, we can also produce custom devices for your needs, both in hardware and software. Reach out directly with questions to:

    Device Remarketing

    With a global reach in the marketplace, Asset Cellutions is a trusted disposition partner of many carriers and companies. Whether used or overstock devices, we can help you.
    Our Commitment to the Environment


    It’s important to all of us. Asset Cellutions has achieved and maintains certifications that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. The very actions we take together are paramount to maintaining an environment we can count on in the future. We partner with these organizations to always be evaluating better ways to help the earth.