Company Overview

As a globally focused organization in all aspects of wireless devices, Asset Cellutions continues to expand both geographically and technologically. At the core of the business is our OEM division, where we produce high quality, Android phones and tablets. They are complimented with powerful and proprietary software applications that make our devices different than any others. Safety and security are embedded in our DNA, and we understand the importance these features can have to the world.

Asset Cellutions is also very active in the remarketing of devices from carriers, other manufacturers, and other countries. Our global reach makes teaming up with Asset Cellutions easy and the best path for buying/selling phones, tablets, modems, or other connected devices.

Asset Cellutions was founded in 1999

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  • Share best practices and hitech product knowledge
  • Collaborate with technology
  • Technology, information security, and business partners

Asset Cellutions Technology security,

Asset Cellutions is focused on delivering cost-effective, creative supply chain solutions for mobile device carriers, manufacturers, retailers, insurance providers and enterprise businesses. In a fast moving, technologically changing and developing global market, we are committed to continued investment into technology and innovation to meet and exceed our customers’ highest quality and environmental standards.

Asset Cellutions Collaborate with technology

We believe that sustainability is ensuring that our customers achieve their business goals year after year. We believe that sustainability means investing in our employees and creating a culture of success. And, we believe that sustainability means operating our business in accordance with global quality standards designed to ensure the well-being and prosperity of future generations.

Our Commitment to the Environment


It’s important to all of us. Asset Cellutions has achieved and maintains certifications that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. The very actions we take together are paramount to maintaining an environment we can count on in the future. We partner with these organizations to always be evaluating better ways to help the earth.